Week 16 BUMPdate

Sorry I already missed a week… between training, back issues and getting sick, it was put on the backburner.

What’s Up With “The Kid”: “The Kid” is 16 weeks old and 4-5 inches long, 3-5 ounces. This is the stage of pregnancy where the babies start having different levels of fetal growth, based on genetics. We did talk to Evan’s mom and I learned that he was under 7lbs and born the week he was due, so I’m thankful for that. Hopefully the night terrors of giving birth to a 17-lb, nicely browned, Thanksgiving turkey will go away now. Supposedly, the baby can also hear, so I’m jacking up the volume on the Golden Girls & playing lots of indie rock music so he comes out having a good sense of pop culture. Note to Valerie: if, when I visit you, you play boyband music, I’m leaving immediately. I can’t expose my kid to that crap.

Upcoming Doc Appointments: This week, I had the Glucose Tolerance Test  and second/final set of bloodwork for the sequential screening. I should get the results sometime next week. Our next visit and our 20 week ultrasound is scheduled on February 16–at that point, we will know if we’re on Team Blue or Team Pink. That will also mark the halfway point of this pregnancy. Based on my back issues, the doc recommended a physical therapist who runs a pregnancy PT class and said an acupuncturist should be good too, as long as I make sure it’s someone with experience treating pregnant women.

New Fun Pregnancy Symptoms:Possibly constant congestion and back issues, but I’m hoping it was just a cold and a one-time back tweak. Strange dreams: last night I had a dream that I went into labor, called Evan at work by my labor progressed very quickly requiring Campus Police to show up and deliver the kid in the middle of my living room. All three Sargeants (male) were between my knees, panicked at the thought of delivering a baby and looking like Moe, Larry & Curly. Possibly worth noting: this is the only dream I’ve had where the baby was a girl. Also, while I’ve always loved Mexican food, I really seem to want to eat it a lot these days. We had chicken chili Monday and a Mexican style lasagna (corn tortillas for the noodles and salsa, lean ground beef, zucchini, corn, peppers and onions in the layers with a topping of cheddar and feta cheese) Tuesday and Wednesday. As a result, we’ve started joking that we’re pregnant with an Eduardo or a Jose. Don’t tell the rest of the family!

Newly Absent Pregnancy Symptoms: None. Quite honestly, I don’t feel pregnant and haven’t felt any kicking or fluttering yet. The doc said I should sometime in the next month and she expects I’ll “pop” by the 20 week ultrasound.

Baby puchases: Just a trio of monkey bibs and onesies on clearance at Target. Also a colleague got me a book called “How to Have Your Second Child First” which is filled from advice from parents about all the things they learned by the time they had number two. (Example: first time moms wait until the baby is asleep to do chores, second time moms strap the baby in a baby carriers so they can load the dishwasher while the kid is still awake and nap–or read or online shop or talk to a friend–when the baby does.)

Baby Bump Watch: I am down to being able to wear one pair of jeans, one pair of work pants and my workout clothes and dresses comfortably (shirts are fine). No visible bump when clothed, but definitely visible when not. So glad I picked up a couple pairs of bootleg yoga pants to start wearing. Also, maternity clothes shopping is schedule for this weekend. Weight gain is between 6 and 7 lbs so far.

Fun Date Night: (Since there are approximately only 24 weeks and 1 day with just the two of us) Evan and I are celebrating our 3 year anniversary (and our last childless anniversary) Monday at the restaurant we were supposed to meet at for our first date (a snow storm required us to meet at a Red Robin that was closer). We’re going to Sumo Sushi for really good Asian fusion food at Sumo Sushi, followed by gelato at a little place in downtown Pennington. Sadly, because I had to work all this past weekend while Evan was off and I started getting sick, all we managed to do together was watch Top Chef before I fell asleep. But the previous weekend, we saw the super creepy and dark movie “Black Swan.”

Random unsolicited advice: I am so tired of hearing people tell me in an ultra-panicked voice that I’m not supposed to clean the litterbox. Some people have told me twice. For the record, I’m not cleaning it! That’s Evan’s job now. Please spread the word. I also had a coworker question me about why I wasn’t going to get a changing table. The answer: because I don’t need one. A changing pad and surface (floor, bed, table) should suffice. I’m fairly certain people survived quite adequately without a changing table before baby consumerism and places like Babies R Us were invented. People seem to think I’m crazy for not wanting a blinged out nursery. Or things like video baby monitors. Although I do have a colleague who volunteered to talk to Evan “man-to-man” to prepare him for the part of birthing class that shows all of the childbirth videos.

Solicited advice: Last week I did a Facebook Poll indicating that Evan and I disagreed whether “Ellie” is suitable name for a baby girl. I wanted to know what people thought about the possible negative associations with the name (largely because I thought if the kid grew up to be chubby and have a bit of a body odor issue, other kids would call her “Smelly Ellie-phant!” The feedback was hilarious. Everything from “Kids are mean and nasty. So you just avoid the obvious traps and keep your fingers crossed.” And “I always try to come up with a name that will work for a kid who is beautiful/awkward/nerdy/sports star/might grow up to be President/or not.” And “Just don’t name her something overly generic like Sue” (from someone named Sue).

Birth plan: So they tell you to develop a birth plan that includes whether you want medication, how much you want to be able to move, whether you want a water birth (if your hospital allows), etc. We don’t need to do this yet, but based on a blog recommended by one of Val’s friends, I’ve decided that this is my pre-birth plan, thanks to this article: We’re going to induce labor with jump start your labor ginger cookies (and a spicy dinner at Chipotle).

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  1. Those cookies are great and, as far as I can tell, they worked for me!

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